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_Dates back to around 1918 when Mr. Benito Quintana came from Puerto Rico as a tobacco broker representing the family company. At the time Puerto Rico Tobacco Marketing Corp., in collaboration with the major tobacco growers and Tampa manufacturers were in business by using tobacco leafs harvested in the island; as alternative to the produced in Cuba after the 1st. World War.

_Was then that he took interest in the manufacturing; his vision was to create his own company with his brother, Jose, as partner. Both of them learned the trade as teenagers in Puerto Rico. And Now with the assistance of Mr. Antonio Fisher, a new company was created in July, 1922. The location was the old Morgan building, located in the corner of St. Louis & Howard; at the time they were able to lease the building based on a major contract with the Morgan Cigar, Co. ; manufacturing cigars to customers in NewYork and Chicago. The factory first forman was Ignacio Trujillo, a well known spanish cigarmaker and good supervisor. Years later the company will had several other formans, and will own the building for a few decades.

_Among the labels their most famous was "Tampa Girl" and "Julia Marlow" for Corral & Wodiska. After 21 years and a survival of the depression the company re-organized and change the name to Gonzalez Habana, Co. this time with there own name brand "Orama". The market was gear in 1943 to cigarettes not to cigars and in the middle of the 2nd. World War with a slow economy they were almost force to close. By the late 50's the company re-organized once again and change to the present name, down size and kept with family ownership. At this time only half a dozen cigar makers, and doing business mostly with local cigar stores, and with some outlets in the New York & Philadelphia area. So as the cigar maker reduced, the company did too. At the present our company has maintained the same operation and four generations later we are "Keeping the legacy Alive of Tampa Hand Made Cigars"; in July 5, 2018 will be the Celebration of the company anniversary. The company still active today providing premium Tampa hand made cigars.

96th Anniversary


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