Private Cigar Making Exhibitions

Create memories in your up coming event, by adding a Hand Made Cigar Making Exhibition. From a real cigar manufacturer, our company was established in 1922, and since then have been producing hand made cigars, proudly carry the Tampa City Seal. In 1993 we add our Event Production Division, which provided Cigar Exhibitions for special events or special cigars orders.

Our presentation will provide an interesting opportunity to your guess, to see and learn how hand made cigars are manufacture. Master cigar makers will be able to answer questions and show you the different leafs and equipment use, in a bilingual (Spanish and English) language, so as their craftsmanship.

In the last 18 years our presentation has been part of many events across the nation for the private and corporate sector, such as:

  • Disney Events Productions - Orlando
  • Bay Area Destinations - Tampa
  • First Magnus Financial, Corp. - Denver
  • John Deer Corp. - Michigan
  • Microsoft Corp. - California
  • Resorts Hotels, Corp. - Atlantic City
  • Taj Mahal Casino Resort - Atlantic City
  • Sheraton Steamboat Resort - Colorado
  • Ybor Museum Garden - Tampa
  • Don Vicente Hotel - Ybor City, Tampa
  • Four Seasons Hotel - Chicago
  • Ybor City Chamber of Commerce
  • South Florida Fair Grounds - West Palm
  • Don Cesar Beach Resort
  • Bolles Academy - Jacsonville, Fl.
  • Showboat Hotel & Casino - Atlantic City
  • Bally Hotel & Casino - Atlantic City
  • Cesar's Hotel & Casino - Atlantic City
  • Ford Motor Company - Michigan
  • Chatham Fabrics, Corp. - N. Carolina
  • Peabody Hotel Corp. - Orlando
  • Sadlebrook Golf & Country Club
  • Tech Center - Denver, Colorado
  • Wynham Hotels, Corp. - Maine
  • Borgata Hotel & Casino - Atlantic City
  • Marriott Hotel & Resort - Orlando
  • Peabody Resort - Orlando, Fl.
  • Innesbrook Golf & Country Club
  • Borgata Hotel & Casino - Atlantic City
  • Venoy Hotel & Resort
  • Mountaineer Race Track & Gaming Resort - W. Virginia
  • Hyatt Downtown - Tampa
  • St. Petersburg GoLf & Country Club
  • Renaissance Hotel - Tampa
  • Italian Club - Ybor City, Tampa
  • Your Company next ...

As a license and bonded Tampa Hand Made Cigar Manufacturer, (TPFL #820) we can provide you all the necessary cigars from our production menu at wholesale prices.

If you are planning an event and will like us to be part of it, just let us know. And glad to assist you and answer any questions that you may have. Our rates are very competitive in the market, for local or national events. Click here for details.

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