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Los siguiente son algunos de los más importantes eventos que ayudaron a crear la Tampa...__

1920 Enero 2, - This decadewas the turning point for the cigar industry in Tampa. Determined not to give in to the union's demands from the past and the future, some of the largest factories turned to mechanical operations with less and more inexperienced labor force. Now the industry used operators of machines instead of cigar makers, and seams the future from now on. Hon. Blas O'Halloran was the city mayor of West Tampa, Hon, Francis L. Wing, was the Mayor of Tampa, and the United States President is Woodrow Wilson. Tampa population is 51,608 residents.

1920 November 13, - The cigar Manufacturer Association presented today the "Cigars Production Report 1920" with a total of 227,732,00 cigars, (hand made & machine made production.)
1921 - January 2nd - This year the production of cigars, and the market demand still very strong. Factories wages are adecuate, and dependable. The cigar industry production is switching more to mechanize systems in Ybor City and West Tampa. But aside that many cigar workers are looking for other jobs or possible relocation from Tampa.

1922 Wednesday July 5, - Gonzalez & Fisher, Co. #321- started at 401 Fortune Street with 52 workers. Their trade brand "Tampa Girl". Later in 1925 they will relocated to the small Morgan Factory, located at the corner of Howard Avenue and St. Louis Street, and renamed Gonzalez Habano Cigar Co. #820

1922 November 13, - The cigar Manufacturer Association presented today the "Cigars Production Report 1922" with a total of 386,132,00 cigars, (hand made & machine made production.) This is consider a production record.

1922 December 13, - "A this time the demand for large handmade cigars is seriously slipping, at the time that cigarettes smoking is becoming fashion, and a growing market." - Tobacco Journal
1922 December 14, - Tampa had some 1,200 automobiles registered. – Tampa Tribune


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