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The following is a timeline of some of the most important events that help to create what is for us today'sTampa..._

1908's January 2, - In this new year while the rest of the country experienced hard times and economic panic, Tampa and West Tampa appeared to be impervious to the tugs, and pulls of the market place. The city of West Tampa had seven miles of paved streets, and eight more of paving in the works. Utilities poles lined the streets, supplying power for factories, homes, and the streetcars. Four new cigar manufacturers joined the growing number of firms in West Tampa. Hon. Francisco Milian is the Major of West Tampa, and Hon. Wm. H. Frecker is the Tampa Major (June1906-June 1908).

1908 March 1st, - the great Ybor City fire burns five cigar factories, and over 250 homes across 55 acres, 42 wood buildings, 5 brick stores, spreading over almost 13 city blocks, from 16th to 20th Streets to the north to Michigan Avenue (Columbus Drive). The fire started in a boarding house, at 19th Street, and 12th Avenue. Damages were estimated in $1,000,000.00 dollars.
1908 May 2, - the re-construction of Ybor City is going on strong after the fire. Several stuctures are completed, and many of the business in the district are going back to normal.
1908 June 2nd. - Today the City of Tampa have a new Mayor Hon. Francis L. Wing (1908-June 1920). He is an attorney, and was a city council member for the past eight years.
1908 November 13, - The cigar Manufacturer Association presented today the "Cigars Production Report 1908" with a total of 236,681,000 cigars.

1908 December 8, the German -owned Tampa Box Company completed their new facilities located on 20th Street, and 2nd Avenue. This will facilitate the cigar box making to increace production of high quality cigar boxes, for local, and national markets.

1908 December 12, – A Gala Night was presented today at the Tampa's German Club, as part of the new facilities inaguration. The new club is located at 2105 N. Nebraska Avenue.
1909 - January 3, - the Tampa Electric Street Railway System expanded operations with 3 new routes. The new lines are Jackson Heights, Tampa Heights, and Seminole Heights.

1909 Sunday September 14, - Up to this date no many changes in the amount of cigar factories in Ybor City or West Tampa. Many of the factories are consider mechanize the process of cigar making. This was presented as a posibility during the last meeting of the Cigar Manufacturers Association.

1909 November 13, - The cigar Manufacturer Association presented today the "Cigars Production Report 1909" with a total of 287,059,000 cigars.
1910 Monday June 6, - a labor strike is declared and the cigar workers left their workbenches idle in all the factories. Violence by both side’s owners and workers marked the six months strike. The second part of the year is greatly affected, people got kill, buildings were burned and the general economy is impacted. Many companies decided to relocate from West Tampa to other markets. The symbiotic relation that governed the cigar industry is gone.

1910 Monday April 4, - at 1:15 PM – West Tampa - in a building, located on Pine Street near Howard Avenue the "Great West Tampa Fire" started. Over two city blocks with 130 building in an area of 25 acres were reduce to ashes, and over 1,000 residents lost there houses, over 800 lost their jobs.

1910 November 12, - The cigar Manufacturer Association presented today the "Cigars Production Report 1910" with a total of 201,405,000 cigars.

  • Today the City of Tampa presented the Census Report 1910 with a population of 37,782 residents. (14.385 Ybor City, 14,230 City of West Tampa, and 9,167 City of Tampa).
1911 January 18th - The year started with a general strike and the cigar industry in West Tampa and Ybor City is in halt since June 6. The economy in general has being greatly affected. Only four companies entered the West Tampa market, provably in response for the violence and changes to come. By the end of the year it was apparently that the rush to move to West Tampa to start new cigar manufacturing was over. West Tampa has a new mayor Hon. Hugh Brady, and Tampa Mayor Francis L. Wing are participating in the negotiations. At this time they are 187 cigar factories (100 in West Tampa and 87 in Ybor City).
1911 Wednesday January 26 , - This morning an agreement was reached by both sides, and the cigar workers will go back to work as soon as tomorrow. This strike will mark the hand made cigar industry forever.
1911 November 14, - The cigar Manufacturer Association presented today the "Cigars Production Report 1911" with a total of 293,360,000 cigars.

1912 January 6, 1912 - Today the United States Congress admitted to the union the New Mexico Territory, to become the State of New Mexico.

  • May 2, - at 8 o'clock in the morning on a spring day in Gotham, New York, Eduardo Manrara, surrounded by his wife, daughter, and four sons, met his final hour. The end had come to the business, and "the financial titan of Tampa", in his 70th year. Manrara had been the real “mover and shaker” in converting from a village into a modern city, and Tampa today is better because of him. No matter that still – The man forgotten by history”…
  • November 17, - The cigar Manufacturer Association presented today the "Cigars Production Report 1912" with a total of 273,485,000 cigars.

1913 February – Tampa Electric Street Railway System, connected Ybor City to most other important Tampa areas with 53 miles of trolley lines and 67 coaches to travel them. - Tobacco Journal…

  • November 16, - The cigar Manufacturer Association presented today the "Cigars Production Report 1913" with a total of 284,991,000 cigars.


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